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September 10, 2012


Spence Manchester

As usual, it is All Waffle, and No Substance - de notre ami, Rocky... But any Fool can Whine and Moan, while offering no suggestions. Rocky, Have You noted the Improvements on Main St? ... Is that why You are now looking further around Town for grist for your mill? How about that Newly Renovated Building right next door to Middle Earth? Now THAT is a Major Success for Main St., How about the pending Sale of the Renovated former Rite Aid Bld? ... and the potential of renovations for the Present Family Dollar Store? How about the Mini Concerts that are taking place at Bickford Place?

- A Lot of Improvements have Happened in Berlin since a Certain Mayor and His Councillors... Took a Walk!!!

Antonio Andolini

As usual, Warren/A facebook user/?/Spence Manchester has lots to offer. It's Bertrand's fault is as stale as it's Bush's fault. Keep living in the past.
There are many hidden/forgotten gems around this City, Rocky. I guess we just need to keep speaking up about them and spreading the word.
Mayor and Council is reactive by nature. Their time gets used up dealing with how the City Manager and department heads are spending tax dollars and with passing more rules and regulations. Certainly if someone comes up with ideas and projects - Moving Downtown Forward - they are supportive.


I have a pretty good idea how Mayor and Council operate (reactive), but does it have to be that way? I'm not suggesting that they give up their ways completely, just take a day now and then to learn something about their job and how best to do it. Antonio, there's plenty of evidence that points to G W Bush's history of blunders and bad decisions, them's the facts.

Antonio Andolini

It's all about time; how much someone wants to put in. I realize City Councilors are practically volunteers. Still, it would be nice to see some leadership, some initiative sometime. These days I don't see much marketing or promotion of the City coming out of City Hall. No one seems to be reaching out for economic development opportunities; just reacting to folks who found Berlin on their own.


"No one seems to be reaching out for economic development opportunities,"..... Mr. Grenier made a lot of noise about his newly discovered economic development guru Max and he pushed him on several boards and committees. Is Max still around? Speaking of economic development, Mr. Grenier also dismantled the Coos Economic Development Corporation, what if anything has replaced that effort? I think we're all waiting for another Michael Bartoszek to save us. By the way, I recently went on I-HUB to look at Laidlaw "LLEG" and I-HUB is posting that BOTH Laidlaw and Michael Bartoszek are under suspension by the SEC and the CEO (Mike) is under ACTIVE INVESTIGATION by the SEC. (Friends of Paul Grenier and Charlie Bass)

Antonio Andolini

It's the State Primary Election today. Get out and vote!

Antonio Andolini

Now, now Rocky, we are NOT supposed to talk about that promoter, remember? We are supposed to just forget he ever existed, just like in the press releases about Burgess Biopower. Just say "Cate Street Capital" and "forty jobs" and you'll be back in Kansas in no time.
Max? Max? Who da man? Haven't seen or heard much of Max since the Icy Gulch debacle.

Spence Manchester

No Tony, I did not Say it was Bertrand's Fault ( by Commision ), but rather by Omission. Team Grenier has persued more opportunities than in the Bertrand Era. Instead of Opposing Opportunities, They have worked in a Positive manner to bring them to fruition. BTW, Only "Losers" Quit, Correct?
'nuf said!
The Results on Main St. are Plain for All to See, and I note with satisfaction that You and Rocky refuse to mention these Positive Results, Preferring to dwell on negativity.

I-Hub is as relevant Today as Team Bertrand... Talk about Living in the Past! So How about all those New Renovations on Main St? As usual, Your answer will be...


Antonio Andolini

The point is, Warren, that most of the improvements you see happen because of caring dedicated individuals, like many Main Street merchants who have stuck it out and improved their properties, got them going. City Hall helps out when it can. Usually, such improvements take awhile from concept to funding to finish, so to credit the current Council is not always correct.


On a very positive note.....I believe that the folks at the Berlin Historical Society need a big hand of applause in bringing the issue and the Arabian horses to Berlin. It's a unique and important part of our history. The folks at the Moffett House work quietly and efficiently and deserve our recognition. Thank You!

Antonio Andolini

"Man who filed Balsams lawsuit says he won’t give up
New Hampshire Union Leader
The man who has filed a lawsuit against the Colebrook developers who own the Balsams Grand Hotel and Resort said he will appeal any decision to dismiss his suit.

In a telephone news conference, former presidential candidate Andy Martin also said that while a settlement was not out of the question, he couldn’t conceive of a situation where the current owners — Daniel Hebert and Daniel Dagasse — retain control of the property.

Hebert and Dagasse have hired lawyers and hope to have the suit quickly dismissed.

“Andy Martin is not a lawyer and has no legal standing to file this action, which is harming this project by needlessly delaying it,” said Scott Tranchemontagne.

During the half-hour telephone call, Martin would not answer many questions about himself.

- He claims to be a New Hampshire resident, but he said his home address in the North End of Manchester is not relevant. He uses a mail box at the Manchester UPS store for a mailing address.

A blog he maintains gives his location as Chicago. The Balsams lawsuit was filed from the National Litigation Center in New York City.

-- Martin said he plans to register to vote in New Hampshire next week. He said he does not plan to do so today, when he could register at the polls and vote in the New Hampshire state primary.

-- Martin said he is the litigator of the case, although he acknowledged he does not have a license to practice law in New Hampshire or any other state. He said he receives information from unnamed residents, including a former employee at the Balsams.

-- Martin said he will not receive any fees or payments in the Balsams suit. He would not discuss his sources of income, other than to say he relies on personal resources he earned during earlier years."

It's a shame that money, time and Court resources are being wasted on this. That is time, money and Court resources that could be being used for those who need it, resolving legitimate disputes. Unfortunately, this fiasco fuels those who would limit access to the courts. By the end, the Courthouse doors could be closed to all but those prosecuted by the government.

Spence Manchester

You are partly right, Tony. Govt. did not "Do That" in referance to Main st. Business people who have improved Their Lot through Sweat. However, The Rite Aid Property, Bickford Place and the Present Family Dollar Store are and will be a Differant Story, Not to mention the Kiosk. Rocky, You are to be Commended for taking a Positive Tack ( no pun intended! ) for once. Keep it up and the Brightness may change You for the Better. I'm Looking forward to This Years Christmas Ornament -Have a Sugar Cube!

Tort Reform Now!

Spence Manchester

The Buck Stops with Us...




A walk down memory lane eh Rocky? Stop looking back and start looking ahead! You nay sayers are stifling the Mayor!!!

Antonio Andolini

Stifling the Mayor?! That'll be the day.

Spence Manchester

To All Those Progressive Purists Out There...

Income tax will sink Cilley; vote Hassan


It Looks Like Ovide vs. Hassan in November...


Ovide to Win.

Spence Manchester

...wondering how Bass will fare up 'gainst that Old Harridan Kuster this November??? ... lol!

Spence Manchester

Be Ever Vigilant N.H., Vampire's like this one will have to be Defeated at Least every two or Three Election Cycles...


- Keep on Axing that Tax!

Antonio Andolini

"Ax the tax" "Drive a stake through the heart of the pledge." Such violent rhetoric! "The horror, the horror."
Have a nice day.

Spence Manchester

Mais, bien sûr ... Quelle horreur! But not quite as Violent as the effect an Income ( plus Sales? ) Tax's would have on the average, ordinary Citizens of New Hampshire. And do not assume for a minute that Property Tax's would go Bye bye... We would be Crushed under a Tax Trifecta.

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action."

- George Washington

Wing Nut

I'm fervently opposed to any broad based taxes in NH. I know Rocky and his Progressive friends will disagree, but a few things to note;

- A sales tax would be harmful to NH retail businesses. Progressives don't care about Capitalism but I do.

- An income tax would be harmful to NH working families. Progressives pretend to care about working families but then proceed to tax the hell out of them in the name of bigger government. It falls in line with their theory that the government knows better than the individual.

- Once a tax is in place it never goes away and only increases over time. Progressives need a vehicle to grow government and limit freedom.

- Adding another broad based tax only helps to grow government by creating another government bureaucracy to collect the tax and enforce it. In the end you are lucky if 50 cents of every dollar actually goes to work to help the Citizens.

The "NH WAY" does not include a sales or income tax. That is why I'll be voting for Ovide come November.

Take care,


If Ovide was a Democrat you wouldn't vote for him, but he's a saintly republican, goes without saying.

Antonio Andolini

I think both Rocky and Wing Nut adhere to the, "My party, right or wrong!" school of thought. :)
2016 is coming.


I hate political parties, they all suck. Political parties, religious denominations, Unions and all things that encourage "group thinking" is a curse and saps the free thinking concept right out of any unbiased decision making. It produces zombies.

Antonio Andolini

Notice how popular zombies are these days; movies, TV shows, political ads. Zombies are in!
It's a conspiracy, man, I'm tellin' ya, it's a ...

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