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March 09, 2016



It something about Trump Bothering You, Rocky ? It appears that the more Donald is "Attacked", the More Popular He becomes. Keep Up the Good Work, Buddy ...

Vladimir Putin Just Made A MASSIVE Donald Trump Announcement
TFS News | March 9, 2016 | Global |

There are plenty of reasons to disagree with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. But unlike President Barack Obama, we know EXACTLY where Putin stands on the Islamic State (ISIS)… and under Putin’s leadership, Russia’s military has shown itself willing to kill the Islamic terrorists.

Putin sees how weak and pathetic the American president is, which is why he just made a big announcement: Vladimir Putin endorses Donald Trump for President!

From a recent press conference…

Russian President Vladimir Putin had kind words for his “stablemate” Donald Trump during an annual end-of-the-year Q&A session in Moscow.

“[Donald Trump is] a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt,” [Vladimir] Putin told reporters, according to a translation by Interfax. “It’s not our job to judge his qualities, that’s a job for American voters, but he’s the absolute leader in the presidential race.”
The GOP frontrunner has been blunt about his plans for defrosting U.S. relations with Russia should he be elected president.


“He says he wants to move on to a new, more substantial relationship, a deeper relationship with Russia, how can we not welcome that?” he said. “Of course we welcome that.”



- No "Positions on the Issue's" They Tell Us ?


Trump Supporter, "Outlaw Morgan" Tells It Like It Is ...

Published on Mar 1, 2016

Well pull up a chair and let ole Outlaw Morgan tell you why Trump will win. Why he's gonna beat Hillary Clinton, and let's talk about the 2nd Amendment, the 1st Amendment, Germany, Sweden, illegal immigration and more.


.... Easy there, Rocky. "We Don't Need Freedom of Speech to Say How Cute Dogs and Cats Are, or to Post Photo's of Our Next Meal and How We Cooked It. We Need the First Amendment to Raise Issue's that are Controversial. Issue's that make Today's Brightest College Students Run and Hide. While Sobbing and Sucking Their Thumb's.


Johnny Damon endorses Donald Trump for president

“Everything he does, he does first-class,” the former Red Sox-turned-Yankees outfielder said.

By Nik DeCosta-Klipa @NikDeCostaKlipa
Boston.com Staff | 03.09.16 | 6:41 PM

Donald Trump apparently has a lot of “good friends” in New England sports.

Former Red Sox centerfielder and self-described “Idiot” Johnny Damon endorsed the billionaire Republican candidate for president Wednesday.

The 42-year-old former Red Sox cult hero told the New York Daily News he’s supporting Trump for president and has been a fan of the real estate mogul ever since he met him “seven or eight years ago.”

“Everything he does, he does first-class — his hotels, his businesses, his golf courses,” Damon said. “The issues all the other politicians failed to discuss, (Trump) is bringing us up to speed.”

Damon played for the Red Sox for four seasons, which included the team’s first World Series championship in 86 years in 2004. He left the team in free agency following the 2005 season to play with the New York Yankees.

Damon, who joins fellow former Yankees outfielder Paul O’Neill in his support for Trump, defended the candidate’s ambitious immigration proposals.

“Everyone is calling him a racist. He just wants people to come into this country legally and fill out the proper paperwork. That’s how I’m viewing it,” Damon said, citing terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino for Trump’s hard-line immigration stance.

“That’s what he wants to watch out for,” Damon added. “He wants everyone documented and in this country legally.”

Damon admitted that Trump’s proposal to build a 2,000-mile, now-80-foot tall (and growing!) wall would be “tough.”

“He’s trying to make the country great,” Damon said. “We’re worrying too much about what’s going on in Cuba, the Middle East. We have enough to worry about here.”

This has been a painful election season for liberal Boston sports fans. Damon is hardly the first New England sports figure to associate themselves, if not support, the controversial Republican candidate.

Both the New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, and quarterback, Tom Brady, have said they are good friends with Trump—though they have stopped short of endorsing his political views. Patriots coach Bill Belichick and his girlfriend were pictured out to dinner with Trump, smiling alongside their “good friend,” this past weekend.

Damon, however, is the first to volunteer his support along the campaign.

“If (Trump) needs me anywhere,” he told the Daily News. “I’ll be there. He’s a good friend”

Trump very well might. Damon reportedly now resides in Florida, which holds its crucial winner-take-all-delegates primary this coming Tuesday.
Nik DeCosta-Klipa can be reached at n.decosta-klipa@globe.com or @NikDeCostaKlipa


Antonio Andolini


This master manipulator of the media marches on. Don't you think that "swear to vote for me, raise your right hand" was designed to get folks like Robert Reich writing this column?

The fact that there is no substance behind his candidacy, no realistic plans, just bluster, is being lost in all the noise. Too bad the "news" media doesn't know enough to cut back on covering him.




Washington (CNN)Donald Trump is leading two of his Republican presidential rivals in their home states, topping Sen. Marco Rubio in Florida and Gov. John Kasich in Ohio, new CNN/ORC polls show.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, is far ahead of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in both states.

In Ohio, Trump holds 41% to Kasich's 35%, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in third at 15% and Rubio in fourth with 7%.

And in Florida, Trump holds 40% to Rubio's 24%, with Cruz at 19% and Kasich at 5%.


Antonio Andolini


I remember years ago, when the media started doing exit polls, there was a great underground movement to lie about who you voted for.



Trump like Reagen are basically actors and as actors they know what it takes for making people believe...anything and whatever. The voters fail to to recognize that the political bs is just part of a show just like what they watch 24/7 on their TV. What did Barlum say?


Don't You mean "Barnum", Rocky ? That Last "Actor" was a Great President ...



Again ""- No "Positions on the Issue's" They Tell Us ?""


- Gee, Who's Lying ???

The More Donald is Attacked instead of Ignored, The More States He Wins ... Keep Up the Good Work, There Rocky.

Antonio Andolini

I see no principle with Trump; just policy, just ratings.



Civil rights activist Charles Evers has endorsed Donald Trump for president, touting what Evers refers to as the current Republican front-runner's business acumen.

"I believe in him first of all because he's a businessman. I think jobs are badly needed in Mississippi," he said.

Evers is the brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, who was assassinated in front of his Jackson home in 1963.

Asked about Trump's controversial remarks regarding immigration and an incident Tuesday in which 30 black students were reported to have been removed from the candidate's rally in Valdosta, Georgia, Evers responded, "I haven't seen any proof of him being a racist."

However he added, "all of us have some racism in us. Even me."

Evers referenced a proclamation by Gov. Phil Bryant declaring April "Confederate Heritage Month" and said that Trump has not taken similar actions.

According to Evers, the hiring practices of Trump's properties are reflective of him being "fair." Before launching his campaign, Trump was accused of discrimination. In 1973, the real estate mogul and his father were sued by the Department of Justice under the Fair Housing Act for allegedly implementing a system to block black applicants from renting Trump Management's Brooklyn; Queens; and Norfolk, Virginia, properties.

The case was settled with a consent decree.

Evers also addressed Trump's presidential announcement speech, during which the candidate made the following remarks:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Evers said he doesn't feel the U.S. should be obligated to provide support for undocumented immigrants.

Evers added that he also respects Trump for his faith and that he plans to attend Monday's rally in Madison. Evers said that if he has the chance to speak with Trump he wants to pitch bringing a catfish processing plant to Mississippi.

"Our catfish is shipped to China and brought back for us to buy. Put a catfish farm here." A website for The Catfish Institute, based in Jackson, lists more than half a dozen U.S.-certified catfish processors in the state.

Mitch Tyner chairman of the Mississippi Donald Trump Committee in a news release Friday named Evers as a member of the candidate's state campaign team along with Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler.

The 93-year-old has a storied history with the state's civil rights movement. After his brother's death, Evers served as the Mississippi field secretary for the NAACP. In 1969, he became the first black mayor of a Mississippi town or city since reconstruction when he was elected mayor of Fayette. In 1980, he switched to the Republican party, garnering national attention for his endorsement of Ronald Reagan.

Contact Bracey Harris at bharris2@gannett.com or (601) 961-7248. Follow @braceyharris on Twitter.


Antonio Andolini

President Reagan was much more than an actor, before he was elected President.

I don't think much of Politco, generally, but this piece is worth a read:
"Is Donald Trump Like Ronald Reagan?"


An Endorsement from The Duke's Daughter ...


Question : "Who would Hillary Prefer to Run Against this summer?"

... Probably that slip of a Boy, Rubio because She could Wipe the Floor with Him.

2nd Q. Will Donald be Kind, Sweet and Polite ... err, Subservient with Hillary like McShame and Mittney were with Obama?


- More from Politico ...

Jim Webb: I won't vote for Clinton, but I may for Trump


- Ben Carson ...


- And From NPR ...


Antonio Andolini

Meanwhile, the Mayor's good friends at Cate Street Capital:

"PORTLAND, Maine — A paper industry newsletter and the former manager of the shuttered Great Northern Paper Co. mills have agreed to settle certain libel claims made against the publication by the chief executive officer of the mill management firm."


I hear VP Alexandra Ritchie of Cate Street Capital spoke in favor of Northern Pass, at the EFSEC hearing in Colebrook on Monday night.


@ Rocky. Can We Have a Discussion about Hillary ???

Clinton's Top Aides Have Lobbied for Companies Liberals Despise
Not only is Hillary taking money from lobbyists; she's also hiring them to run her campaign.

—By Patrick Caldwell
| Wed Jul. 8, 2015 9:43 AM EDT

In the 2008 presidential race, Hillary Clinton made no excuses for the $2 million she collected from registered lobbyists, saying, "Based on my 35 years of fighting for what I believe in, I don’t think anybody seriously believes I'm going to be influenced by a lobbyist." But lobbyists would appear to have more than a little influence on her 2016 campaign. Not only is she still accepting donations from them—something President Obama declined to do in his 2008 and 2012 bids—but she is once again stocking her campaign with them.

There are at least six Clinton campaign staffers who, at one time or another, earned a paycheck as a registered lobbyist. They’ve lobbied for a range of controversial special interests, from the Keystone pipeline and Lehman Brothers to SeaWorld and some of the country's largest corporations.

Here's who they are:

John Podesta, campaign chairman

Podesta sits atop Clinton 2016, running the entire show alongside campaign manager Robby Mook. Podesta is a longtime buddy of the Clinton clan, having worked in Bill's White House as chief of staff. After leaving the White House, Podesta started the Democrats-in-exile think tank Center for American Progress, for which he did most of his lobbying work as a policy advocate in the mid-aughts.

Three decades ago, he also helped his brother Tony Podesta found a profit-driven lobbying firm, the Podesta Group. While he was getting the Center for American Progress set up, John Podesta did some lobbying for the group. His clients for the Podesta Group included eBay, the American Insurance Association, and the Agency for Nuclear Projects, an arm of the Nevada government.

Jose Villarreal, campaign treasurer

Villarreal is a familiar face around Clintonland. He served as a senior adviser on Hillary's 2008 campaign, and his ties with the family date back to a stint as deputy campaign manager on Bill's first presidential bid.

Villarreal hasn't worked as a federal lobbyist since 2009, but when he was in the lobbying world he was particularly active. Over the course of a decade lobbying at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Field, LLP, his clients included the largest players in corporate and financial America. A brief sampling: NASDAQ, Nationwide Mutual Insurance, Bridgestone, Boeing, AT&T, Citigroup, Dow Chemical, the Motion Picture Association of America, Disney, PG&E Corporation, Paypal, and the Coalition for 21st Century Patent Reform (funded by 3M, General Electric, and others).

Charlie Baker III, chief administrative officer

One of the founders of the Boston-based Dewey Square Group, a prominent Democratic consulting firm, Baker is a longtime party insider who sits near the top of Clinton's team. Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Baker did a bit of federal lobbying for Northwest Airlines through Dewey Square, but the bulk of his lobbying work has come at Boston law firm DLA Piper LLP. He's regularly advocated before Congress for Rhode Island-based Citizens Bank. Other lobbying clients included the pharmaceutical firm Medicines Company, defense contractor Raytheon, and gambling trade association group Interactive Gaming Council. At the local level in Massachusetts, he's lobbied for AOL, earning DLA $120,000 between 2008 and 2009, and the Sterling Suffolk Racecourse, netting his law firm more than $300,000 between 2008 and 2011. According to disclosures in Massachusetts, Baker personally earned more than $250,000 from that work.

He even managed to pocket a bit of money from the ghost of Lehman Brothers. According to lobbying databases, Baker and three colleagues collected $10,000 from Lehman Brothers to lobby Congress at "hearings on financial services crisis." That happened between October and December 2008—after Lehman had already been liquidated through bankruptcy that September.

Jennifer Palmieri, communications director

The former director of communications for Obama at the White House, Palmieri jumped ship to serve the same role on Clinton 2016. She worked as a deputy press secretary in Bill Clinton’s White House. Afterward, Palmieri turned toward lobbying, but eschewed corporate clients to work for liberal causes. In 2001, Americans for Gun Safety paid Palmieri and five others $1.2 million to lobby for background checks for gun purchases. In 2006 and 2007 she was registered as a lobbyist for the Center for American Progress, trying to sway members of Congress against the Iraq War.

Jeffery Berman, consultant on tracking delegates

Clinton recently hired Berman, Barack Obama's 2008 delegate guru, to run the math for her primary campaign, just in case Bernie Sanders does end up challenging her in the contest for delegates. Berman brings expertise on the byzantine rules of caucus delegate counting, but he's also known as a prominent lobbyist for a project fiercely opposed by environmentalists: the Keystone pipeline.

"Hillary Clinton has hired a former lobbyist for the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline," The New Republic's Rebecca Leber wrote last month, "further upsetting environmentalists who have long been wary of her commitment to fighting climate change." As the Huffington Post noted, the firm Berman worked for, Bryan Cave, received $980,000 from TransCanada for lobbying work from 2009 to 2011. Berman was part of the team lobbying for the pipeline, and TransCanada paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for his share of the work.

Berman worked for a host of other corporate clients during his years at Bryan Cave, which he left earlier this year to set up his own public affairs shop. According to the Senate's lobbying disclosure database, Berman influence-peddled for SeaWorld, Gogo (the inflight wifi company formerly known as Aircell), the GEO Group (America's second-largest private prison corporation), and FedEx.

Erik Balsbaugh, Massachusetts grassroots organizer

Balsbaugh has the distinction of being the first, and so far only, Clinton staffer working the ground in Massachusetts. He worked as a lobbyist for the Dewey Square Group in the state, generally on health care issues for the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, a group that advocates easing restrictions on medical marijuana. In the first half of 2012, he received $25,000 for pressing Massachusetts lawmakers to loosen medical marijuana laws. At Dewey Square, he also worked for other liberal causes, such as the Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition and the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters.


Antonio Andolini

"Democracy in action doesn’t mean mob rule

'This is what democracy looks like!' jubilant insurgents screamed last night as they lay siege to the University of Illinois at Chicago pavilion, effectively choking off the exercise of free speech at the Donald Trump rally.

'Black Lives Matter' activists, Bernie Sanders supporters and other assorted 'revolutionaries' then stormed the streets and tussled with police, Trump backers and anybody else who got in their way.
Trump indicated to reporters on the plane ride up to the Windy City that he expected trouble, and why wouldn’t he?

The mainstream media, the Twitterverse and political opponents continually paint the man as a Nazi and a fascist, so the angry mob is empowered to stomp on him, his supporters and their First Amendment rights.

'No Trump, no KKK!' screamed the hooligans who pounded their chests while shutting down parts of the Windy City.

And the hits kept coming: 'Whose streets? Our streets!' and '(Expletive) the police!' filled the air as the mob moved to squelch alternative voices."



Both in political terms and in behavioral terms, Trump has begun harvesting the result of his vile rhetoric that has defined his public positions and speeches. If he didn't have hate and fear in his pronouncements he would be silent. He plays to the lowest denominator which is in all of us. I agree with Robert Reich's views about Trump and maybe calling Trump a Nazi may be over the top, but what comes out of Trump's mouth is over the top too.

Antonio Andolini

Now, see what you've done?!

"Anxiety over Trump, election force some to seek help from therapists"

See more at: http://www.unionleader.com/Anxiety-over-Trump,-election-force-some-to-seek-help-from-therapists#sthash.9fPxUDL3.dpuf

Antonio Andolini

Of course, the ONION has the real story:

"‘I Suffer From Severe Psychological Issues And I Need The Help Of Mental Health Professionals,’ Says Trump In Pointed Debate Comeback"



Really Pathetic. How Physically and Emotionally Weak must People who are Offended by the Free Exchange of Idea's contrary to Their Walt Disney esque World View, be ???


= Where These Students are Leading U.S ???


Truly Scary.

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