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March 13, 2016


Antonio Andolini

VOTE John Kasich!

Antonio Andolini

Actually VOTING would help. Too many armchair analysts and pseudo-anarchist "protesters" babbling about The Donald, are not getting out to vote. Meanwhile, the manipulator of the "news" media is picking up delegates.


'Ditch and switch': Trump may be behind mass Democratic party exodus in Pa., experts say

By Colin Deppen | cdeppen@pennlive.com
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on March 10, 2016 at 7:30 AM, updated March 10, 2016 at 9:14 PM

Nearly 46,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have gone Republican since the start of 2016, twice as many as have shifted the other way, as a wild primary fight continues to upend the business of politics as usual and challenge the status quo.

Needless to say, much of this movement is being attributed to the rise of Donald Trump and the so-called "Ditch and Switch" movement, which leans on lifelong Democrats to abandon the party, register Republican and help ensure Trump's place in the November general election.

A website launched by two North Carolina sisters calling on Democrats to switch political parties and embrace Trump says, "For many years the Democratic Party has promoted agendas that most Americans did not agree with. Our country is deeply divided, and the silent majority has been bullied into silence by political posturing and underhanded agendas that favor the few while excluding the majority."



A Look at the Numbers would suggest that Kasich should Bow Out, especially if He Loses Ohio. Meanwhile, Rubio will most likely Lose Florida, After which He should Bow Out.



"If You're Losing Your Home State in Particular it Really sends a Message"

Published on Mar 13, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are looking to the next big round of primaries Tuesday, when Florida and Ohio go to the polls, to solidify their leads. Meanwhile their rivals are looking at March 15 as their last best shot to stop them. (March 13)



Donald Trump Anderson Cooper CNN interview (part 1)

Published on Mar 9, 2016

Donald Trump talks about his election victories and says that if he wins the Florida and Ohio primaries, that the race for the Republican nomination is effectively over.


Antonio Andolini

Meanwhile, back up here:

"Edith Tucker, celebrated North Country journalist, retires after 20-year career

North County reporter Edith Tucker, who began her career at the Berlin Reporter and then the Coos County Democrat, stepped away from full-time journalism last month."



... All Tucker'd Out. But Too Parochial. This is an ELECTION YEAR !

Donald Trump Anderson Cooper CNN full interview (part 2)


Antonio Andolini

Spence, you are a political junkie (not that there is anything wrong with that.) Get help!


@ AA. Not to Worry, Rocky's Got My "6" ;D

- Am presently Waiting for Tomorrow's results with Baited Breath !

Antonio Andolini

Good Lord willin', Kasich wins Ohio and soldiers on, Rubio loses Florida and "suspends" his campaign, and, well, we could only hope Trump doesn't pick up more delegates.
Have to feel a bit bad for Rubio; he coulda been a contender in four or eight years. Now, he's spent a lot of political capital and some will see him as damaged goods.


Yeah, Poor Rubio ...


- Ajajajaja !


This Just In ...

REPORT: Soros Money Funding John Kasich’s Presidential Bid

by Julia Hahn14 Mar 20162,267
As new reports break that a George Soros-linked group is taking credit for efforts to violently disrupt GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, the Center for Responsive Politics reveals that another George Soros-linked group is coordinating another furtive operation to stop Trump by financing the campaign of John Kasich.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Soros Fund Management is one of John Kasich’s top financial contributors.


Antonio Andolini

"Glenn Beck: Breitbart Has Become Pravda, ‘Looks Like They’re in Full-on Collapse’
by Alex Griswold | 12:15 pm, March 14th, 2016

Conservative radio host and The Blaze owner Glenn Beck weighed in on the exodus of staff from competitor Breitbart, saying the site was in complete meltdown mode and offering to hire anyone who quit.

Beck praised former Brietbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro, saying that with his resignation he was living up to Andrew Breitbart‘s original vision. 'Ben is standing up for what Brietbart would have said today. He would not be in bed with Donald Trump.'"


Antonio Andolini

"Andrew Breitbart in 2011: ‘Donald Trump Is Not a Conservative’
by Alex Griswold | 11:18 am, August 10th, 2015

In light of the recent allegation that conservative website Breitbart was paid to write positive stories about Donald Trump (an allegation the site’s writers strongly deny), it’s worth remembering that founder Andrew Breitbart was anything but a Trump supporter."


Antonio Andolini

"Soros Associate Gives $200,000 To Pro-Kasich Super PAC
Alex Pfeiffer
4:15 PM 03/14/2016

Scott Bessent of Soros Fund Management, an investment firm founded by liberal mega-donor George Soros, has given more than $202,700 to help John Kasich’s presidential campaign, according to FEC records.

Of that total, $200,000 was given to the pro-Kasich super PAC New Day for America. Bessent has also given the legal limit of $2,700 to Kasich’s campaign. He has given more than $75,000 to various Republicans and Democrats over the last 20 years.

'Scott Bessent is a longtime Republican donor and absolutely none of our donations have come from George Soros or his company. In addition to supporting our efforts, Mr. Bessent has contributed to numerous other Republicans in the past, including Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio,' said New Day for America in a statement provided to The Daily Caller."

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/03/14/soros-associate-gives-200000-to-pro-kasich-super-pac/#ixzz42wKScTHF

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/03/14/soros-associate-gives-200000-to-pro-kasich-super-pac/#ixzz42wJjfwEg


"Going along to Get Along" is a Shameful Attitude, AA. Isn't That why Kasich is Last, behind Rubio ?

Antonio Andolini

Breitbart is almost as pro-Trump as Fox Business News is.

Antonio Andolini

"A Vote for Trump Is a Vote Against American Consumers
By David Harsanyi

As I was listening to Donald Trump's performance art/news conference the other night, I wondered whether it was even worth writing another column about the assorted lies and myths he peddles on trade. I don't think so.

Trump promises to bring Third World jobs back to an advanced economy, and millions of voters — left and right — find this emotionally satisfying and politically reasonable. Many of these people just want to find work, so it's understandable. And when the economy is stagnant, you're not going to allay working-class anxiety by pointing out that capital account surpluses matter more than trade deficits or that productivity, not foreigners, is realigning the workforce — even if it's all true.

People just don't care.

I do wonder, though, why there hasn't been more political emphasis on Trump's promise to make the products average Americans buy every day more expensive. That might matter to voters who are on the fence or haven't been paying close attention.

Do you like those affordable electronic goods — you know, those giant TVs, high-tech laptops and super pocket computers you're walking around with? The prices of tech products and services have fallen over the past decade because of many policies Trump rails against. So though a lot of Americans might like the sound of forcing Apple to assemble phones right here in the United States, how would they feel about paying $100 more (or whatever it would be) every time they renew a cellphone plan?

All you people with Samsung phones (Samsung is the nation's top seller, with 22.5 percent of U.S. market share) could look forward to similar costs embedded into your plans — unless, for some reason, South Korea would be granted immunity from Trump's protectionism.

Trump might be used to gold-plated phones on his private Boeing 757, but average Americans can't afford to pay double their cellphone bill.

These price hikes extend to food and transportation — and anything else you can think of.

Take Wal-Mart, for instance, which is not only America's largest employer but also one that sells affordable goods to vast numbers of working-class people. And the majority of the merchandise Wal-Mart sells, despite its recent nationalistic sales pitch, is manufactured (in part or fully) abroad. If Trump is going to start trade wars and raise tariffs (American consumers, not the Mexican or Chinese government or its oligarchs, will pay for every cent), he should explain how his supercalifragilistic deals will both punish these countries and make goods cheaper for American consumers.

Elect Trump if you want Wal-Mart to double the price of your grocery bill.

Or take a look at any list of the most sought-after affordable cars in the United States. You will notice that it is dominated by Japanese (and other foreign) manufacturers. Have you also noticed that Trump's grievances are always aimed at Mexico, China — guilty of the greatest theft in the history of the world, according to Trump — and Japan but not Germany or Sweden?

The other day, Trump said this about Japan, a country that he's really started focusing on lately:

"When Japan thinks you mean it that we're not going to let them sell the cars like that because they're killing us — you know what we sell to Japan? Practically nothing. They have cars coming in by the millions, and we sell practically nothing."

Not going to let them sell cars?

Has Trump told American workers who build Japanese-brand cars — nearly 4 million cars in the United States in 2015 — in Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, Georgia and 10 other states? In February 2016, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler accounted for about 47 percent of automakers' U.S. market share. Japanese companies such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan made up about 33 percent. And unlike Trump-branded merchandise, a big percentage of those cars are manufactured here in the U.S.

I'm sure laying heavy tariffs on Japan — or whatever "evening the playing field" is supposed to mean — would not only kill jobs in Ohio but almost certainly make the price of affordable foreign cars rise. On the bright side, Trumpism would create more government-guaranteed union jobs, which also would be bound to make those cars more expensive. Maybe this is what people want.

The backlash against globalization is ongoing, but in the end, it's foot-stomping. Thankfully, nothing can really be done to stop it unless there is a sea change in politics. Do I believe that attacks on the consumer side of protectionism would make a big difference in the election? No. This isn't a movement dictated by reason. But rather than argue abstract truths (and I've been guilty of this), maybe it's time to concentrate on the pain American consumers would feel if Trump got his way."


Antonio Andolini

Thank Heaven for the ONION.

"Brutal Anti-Cruz Attack Ad Just 30 Seconds Of Candidate’s Photo Displayed Without Any Text, Voiceover, Music"



- Well This was Expected ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKCRUXhU17w

Trump Wins Florida in Blow to Rubio's Presidential Ambitions

John McCormick

March 15, 2016 — 8:01 PM EDT

Donald Trump is poised to win Florida’s Republican presidential primary, a victory that’s likely to all but end home-state Senator Marco Rubio’s quest for the nomination.

Trump will win Florida, according to CNN and MSNBC. The state awards its delegates on a winner-take-all basis, meaning the New York billionaire will collect all 99 at stake there. Rubio has vowed to keep fighting, although his donor network is likely to dry up.

Polls closed in Ohio and North Carolina, but the races there are too close to call.


Antonio Andolini

Good night, Marco.


Here is a peak at Tomorrow from NPR. Kasich will Likely win Ohio. It's Only to be Expected. Home State 'n all. But John can Hardly Build a Nomination with His Stats to Date ...

Republican Results

Florida 71.9% in
Trump 45.5%
Rubio 27.2%
Cruz 17.0%
Kasich 6.7%

Illinois 0.3% in
Trump 41.7%
Kasich 26.4%
Cruz 21.6%
Rubio 8.7%

Missouri 0.2% in
Trump 48.6%
Cruz 32.3%
Rubio 8.5%
Kasich 5.0%

North Carolina 5.4% in
Trump 40.2%
Cruz 34.4%
Kasich 12.7%
Rubio 10.0%

Ohio 0.4% in
Kasich 44.3%
Trump 32.3%
Cruz 14.2%
Rubio 6.6%


Antonio Andolini

Titanic Tuesday.


@ AA. The Best is Yet to Come ! .... AZ, NY, CA ...

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