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March 08, 2016



Rocky, I read This lately and I think it can be applied to Today's Illusion of a Republican Party in Opposition.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." John F. Kennedy

The Problem is that with the recent Candidacies of John McShame in '08 and Mittney "Gordon Gecko" Romney in '12, Republican Opposition to the Democrat Party' Hard Swing to the Left under Obama has been Stymied, Betrayed and Murdered. People Voted In a Republican Majority in '14, and That Majority "Puked". Repeatedly. It did not Stand as a Valid Opposition. It Turned Tail Feathers and RAN.

Trump seems to be the Just and Fitting Punishment for a Party that has Taken It's Base for Suckers. Either Way, a One Party State ( Given the Impending demise of the GOP ) is a Bigger Recipe for Disaster. Stagnation will ensue, First. Then Corruption - Worse than We Have Today :) and Finally Ruin.

BTW. The GOP Ran Two Hispanics, One ( FULL Blooded ) African American, One Woman, A Moderate, A Libertarian and many Others for President This Year. The Dems Ran Two White Guys and a White Woman. So Regurgitating Main Stream Media voices like Shribman and Others We can Read in the Berlin Daily Sun, above does not come close to making sense.

Antonio Andolini

Ugh. The possibility of our choice to vote for President being between Mrs. Clinton and The Donald, two "lying sacks of $#!t" (as a old friend likes to say),is truly sad.

Meanwhile, speaking of...

"Eversource: 'No strings attached' to $2 million investment for Balsams project

Union Leader Correspondent"


Yeah, right.

Antonio Andolini

Another North Country town grapples with finding a future:

"Groveton's Dilemma: Whether to Spend Tax Dollars With No Guarantee Of Attracting Jobs"


Isn't that Groveton property owned by Bob Chapman?

But, if Cedar & Oak just set up shop in Berlin (at another Bob Chapman property) ...?


Wing Nut

The Republican party has "become irrelevant". That's strange for a party that controls the Senate, the House of Representatives and a majority of the State Governorships. Rocky, are you losing it in your old age?


Some claim I lost it a long time ago. ...So you're a declared Republican and at least half of the people you claim are Republicans are in a panic because their party has been hijacked by Donny Ego also a Republican, so he claims. So the Republican party can't do anything to reel Donny in, which in my book makes the "party" irrelevant in this matter. I may have lost it, but you're delusional having had too much of that FOX Koolaid along the way. At least you could say that Donny is not a true Republican and we could both agree on that one and you could continue being a proud Republican. May I suggest that you go buy another AR-15 before the Brown Shirts come knocking.

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