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May 05, 2016



Yes, Rocky. If He "will never change ( His ) mind on this,” perhaps He doesn't even HAVE a Mind. But What can WE do about it ? We are mere Spectators and They do whatever They want. Don't blame the Voters. When was the Last Time anyone of Outstanding Merit Stood for Election here in Berlin ?


I believe I understand how helpless you can feel, but unless and until someone as you say that has "merit" steps up, Berlin will continue to be the victim of its past. Refusing to adjust to today's reality is killing tomorrow's potential. How sad.


Enough of Paul Grenier and microcosmic Berlin. I'm just going to leave THIS here to see what happens.

New Wind Energy Permits Would Raise Kill Limit of Bald Eagles But Still Boost Conservation, Officials Say


May 4, 2016, 4:54 PM ET

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposed a new plan today that would allow energy companies to operate with permits lasting up to 30 years, while also raising the number of bald eagles they can kill or injure per year without incurring hefty penalties to 4,200, which is nearly four times the current limit.

A source within the Obama administration said this is the best plan put forward to actually help conservation efforts, maintaining this new proposal is a “strong protection” for bald and golden eagles.

Currently, wind power companies can hold permits for five years at a time, which, according to the source, doesn’t give companies good financial footing. By extending the permit to 30 years, it can encourage the development of wind energy, a key source of renewable power that has increased exponentially in recent years. The 30-year permits would still have to be reviewed every five years, and companies would have to submit reports of how many eagles they kill or injure.

The proposal will grant access to critical data about eagles, the source said. It will also allow the administration to work with companies in where the companies place their machines -- hopefully to help avoid possible eagle populations.

“The permitting system gives us access to eagles and eagle mortalities that we wouldn’t otherwise have,” the source said. “It’s a great mechanism for us to work proactively to prevent eagle deaths.”

Under the new proposal, companies would pay a $36,000 fee for a permit, which exempts them from the hefty penalties for killing or injuring eagles. Companies would have to commit to take additional measures if they kill or injure more eagles than estimated, or if new information suggests eagle populations are being affected.

Today's announcement kicks off a 60-day comment period. The source said the administration will consider public comments and issue a final rule by the end of the year.

The Fish and Wildlife Service estimates there are about 143,000 bald eagles and 40,000 golden eagles in the United States.


Antonio Andolini

This is the same Mayah and Team Berlin who have no problem bowing down and ceding control to the wishes of Eversource and EFSEC.
Councilor Rozek continues spouting the (mistaken) Northern Pass talking points about the Balsams. "Between the borders of Berlin..." bull$#!T!


I suppose Their reasoning is to prevent future Regulatory Three Ring Circus Shows that would discourage a potential Water using Business from Locating here. And They do have a Point considering it is A OK for The Fed Coats to Force Coal Mines Out of Business with Disastrous resulting Unemployment, all the while Giving Wind Projects the GREEN Light to Kill Eagles. wtf ???

Paul Learned the Lesson well with All the Youknowhat the Biomass Plant went through. Talk about Ten Miles of Broken Glass on Bare Hands and Knees while Some who Opposed It Vociferously do Not Even give a Damn about Our National Symbol/Raptor. So a Huge Pat on the Back to the Berlin Electorate for Giving this a Pass.

Antonio Andolini

Living in the past, one does not see the future.

"NEPGA: Canadian Hydro Contracts Could Cost Consumers $777M Annually

May 6, 2016 By Cheryl Kaften

While the Massachusetts Clean Electricity Partnership (MCEP) continues to support the value of importing 'Clean, Affordable, Reliable' hydropower via a promotional effort for imports from Canada, the trade group, the New England Power Generators Association (NEPGA), says that the renewable energy companies are getting their numbers wrong.

NEPGA came out on May 4 with a statement claiming that MCEP 'dramatically underestimates the cost of outsourcing a third of Massachusetts’ electricity market in the form of subsidized contracts to provincially owned utilities, such as Hydro-Quebec. These contracts would undermine the electricity markets today driving competitive pricing, [and] dramatically lower … reliability for consumers.'"


Antonio Andolini

"Their reasoning" is politics and personalities.


‘Green’ Hypocrisy: the Wind Industry’s State-Sanctioned Eagle Slaughter
January 12, 2016 by stopthesethings

The wind-worship cult, whether those wallowing in the subsidy trough or the political enablers that do their paymasters’ bidding by keeping the trough full-to-overflowing have one consistency of thought and action: and that’s a callous disregard for wind farm neighbours – be they clad in cloth, leather or feathers.

Their malice knows no bounds and is universal:

Environment Minister, Greg Hunt Backs Slaughter of ‘Protected’ Eagles With Taxpayer Underwritten ‘Loans’ for Wind Farms

The industry’s parasites and spruikers turn themselves in ideological knots as they grapple with images of protected avian species, including majestic raptors – of the kind that grace flags, notes and coins: –


Antonio Andolini

Spruikers?! Be afraid, be very afraid!


The last time I was under one of those I got wet.


So WHEN are Steve Griffin and Arnie Hansen going to Take Their sentencing ? Money changes Everything, they say.


This Mean 1%'er, Lester Otten and His Henchmen, Dan & Dan MUST be Stopped before the Salmon and Trout that bring all the Tourists/Dope using Fly Fisherpeople Disappear from Our River !

Location of intake structure for Balsams snowmaking draws opposition

November 29, -0001

ERROL – Dixville Capital’s plan to pull water out of the Androscoggin River to make snow for its proposed expanded Balsams ski resort in Dixville has run into some opposition over the input site.
Fishing enthusiast and retired lobbyist Clark Colson said he wants Dixville Capital to move the intake structure from the current permitted location below Errol Dam in an area he called Indian Bay.
Last July, the developers received the necessary permit from the N.H. Department of Environmental Services to withdraw up to 21.98 million gallons of water daily from the river between October 15 and March 15. The water will be pulled out of the river approximately 1,700 feet downstream of the Errol dam. The permit states that preliminary plans call for two 36-inch diameter intake pipes located about 30 feet east of the west bank. The top of the pipes will be a minimum of four feet below normal water and a minimum flow of 522 cubic feet per second must remain in the river.
Corson said that stretch of river is prime spawning area for the trophy trout and salmon fish that attract fishing enthusiasts to the Androsccoggin River. He has organizing a petition drive to persuade Dixville Capital to move the intake structure to a site either above the Errol Dam or downstream below the rapids at a place called Bragg’s Bay.
But Dixville Capital spokesman Scott Tranchemontagne said the selected site would have less ecological and environmental impact than the site proposed by Corson. Furthermore, he said the application was thoroughly reviewed by the experts and scientists at DES and there was both a comment period and an appeal period. Tranchemontagne said moving the location now could set the project back a full construction season.
A New Hampshire native, Clark was a well-known lobbyist for the N.H. Wholesale Beverage Association. Now living in Plymouth, Mass., Clark said until recently he owned a camp on Magalloway Mountain Road in Pittsburg and has fished the Androscoggin River for years.
“My friends and I have fished Indian Bay for better than 20 years,” he said, in a phone interview.
Corson said he was unaware of Dixville Capital’s plan to withdraw water from the Androscoggin River for snowmaking until fall 2015 when he went to the Errol General Store to get some fly dope while fishing. He said when he told owner Bob Ouellet that he was fishing in Indian Bay, Ouellet informed him of the Balsams proposal.
Dixville had submitted its application to DES in December 2014 and the permit was granted on July 28, 2015. A 30-day appeal period for the permit had long expired.
Corson said he contacted Dixville Capital and met with Burt Mills of Dixville Capital to discuss his concerns about the location of the intake. He said Mills agreed to get back to him but did not even though Corson said he has called him seven times. As a result, Corson said he is circulating a petition that he plans to submit to the Coos County planning board when it meets next week to consider Dixville Capital’s site plan for the ski area. Corson was also scheduled to raise the issue with the N.H. Fish and Game Commission at its annual meeting Wednesday.
Tranchemontagne said he questions the timing of Corson’s campaign and petition since he has known about the intake structure for six months.
“Why has Mr. Corson waited until now, one week before our hearing, to come forward with his petition, his negative flyer and launch a coordinated media campaign against our project,” he asked.
Corson said female salmon, brown, and rainbow trout lay their eggs in shallow nests in the gravel in Indian Bay in October through December and the alevins then feed and develop there for weeks before venturing forth to create the fishery that draws anglers from across the region. At that same time, Corson said the Balsams will be pumping water from the bottom of the pool. He said it is preposterous to think sucking 22 million gallon of water from that section will not disturb the breeding salmon and trout.
The Pointer Fish and Game Club of Manchester has voted to support Corson’s position that the water should be removed from Bragg Bay and opposing any water take-out in Indian Bay. Ouellet has also sent a letter expressing his opposition.
Tranchemontagne responds that the intake screens this company proposed to use have been used at other locations in the state without impacting fisheries. He said the intake structure will have to be approved by Fish and Game.
“The flow speed of the water across the intake screen will be slower than the actual flow speed of the water in the river. There is no vacuum effect – and as such - our intake screens at four feet above the river bed will have less impact on presumed fish eggs than the natural river current at the depth of the eggs”, he said.
Not only has the location been reviewed and approved by DES, Tranchemontagne said the Braggs Bay location recommended by Corson has a lot of siltation and driftwood accumulation. The water is relatively shallow there due to the amount of eroded soil that fills the area. He said there would also be a greater impact to wetlands.
“Ecologically and environmentally - according to the real scientists who studied this issue - the selected site has less impact,” Tranchemontagne said.


Antonio Andolini

Where has this fellow been? This issue did not just pop up. Over a year ago, a number of folks, including Brookfield Power, the Appalachian Mountain Club and the Androscoggin River Committee (remember them?)filed comments with DES.




And THAT is the Very Reason Mayor Paul does not want another layer of possible hindrance to Economic Activity here in Berlin. Do You understand now, finally WHY He keeps getting re-elected ?


However, County Commissioner Rick Samson has a Valid Point. WHY Throw Public Monies at a PRIVATE Project that does Not Yet have Full Funding ???

- Isn't This Counting Ones Chickens ... something, something ... ?

Antonio Andolini

But, we have a biomass plant.

"Outdoor recreation industry impact on NH discussed

Union Leader Correspondent

NEWINGTON — The outdoor recreation industry generates $4.2 billion in consumer spending in New Hampshire and brings in $293 million in state and local tax revenue, according to an industry trade group. The federal government plans to start studying such data so policymakers are better informed."



And Yet, Our Northern Forrest Heritage Park is Dependent on Volunteer's and Donation's as It has Never Turned a Profit since It's Inception. Go figure ...

Day of Caring at park a big success

May 16, 2016

By Barbara Tetreault

BERLIN — The Service Credit Union Heritage Park received some needed repair work and general sprucing up during Friday’s Day of Caring.
Surveying the three dozen volunteers at work, Chamber President Mark Belanger said he was very happy at both the turnout and the level of work being performed.
He noted that in addition to raking and cleaning of debris, some major projects were getting done. A new bridge was being constructed, a large section of fence was being repaired, and the seats in the ampitheatre were getting a major overhaul.
“I’m thrilled to death,” Belanger said.
The chamber is now managing the park as part of an agreement with the city, which purchased the facility last year to maintain public access.
Assisting at the Day of Caring were crews from the Berlin Building Trades Program, Berlin Fire Department, Berlin Public Works, Capone Iron Corporation North Woods, Service Credit Union, Bank of New Hampshire, M & L Foundations, Northwoods Container, Go-time Rest Rooms, and Raffi’s Painting. White Mountain Lumber donated all the wood for the bridge.


- Well, AA. I suppose Berlin just isn't a Tourist Destination ?


Yes yes we have a biomass plant and all of its jobs. The problem with Outdoor Recreation is that it doesn't come with 300ft stacks, doesn't let off steam so it's not economic development ask Paul Grenier he'll explain it to y'all. You have to be from the East Side to understand.


- If Only You were Mayor, Rocky. If Only ...



So Bernie has Won Three to Hillary's One, of the Last Five Primary's.


If It were Not for the Super Delegates providing Biased "Cover" for Corporate Hillary, from before the First Vote was even Cast, would not More Voters be willing to Support Bernie instead of having Their Arm Twisted by a Distortion of Reality ?

Published on
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Common Dreams
Sanders Urges Democrat Leaders to Welcome 'Real' Fighters for Change

'The Democratic Party has a choice,' says senator. 'It can open its doors and welcome into the party people who are prepared to fight for real economic and social change... Or the party can choose to maintain its status quo structure.'
Jon Queally, staff writer


Antonio Andolini

Site Evaluation Committee pushes back Northern Pass deadline to September 2017


Antonio Andolini

Movin' on up, to the East Side, we finally got a piece of the pie."


Antonio Andolini

No 300 foot stacks, just national exposure.

"We are excited to announce The Polaris 2016 Camp RZR dates and locations

Camp RZR New England — NEW LOCATION!
Jericho Mountain Stat Park
Berlin, New Hampshire
September 23 — 24, 2016"


Antonio Andolini

"Polaris Announces Two North American Camp RZR Events

Events will be bigger and better than ever

Minneapolis, May 20, 2016-Polaris RZR today announced the continuation of two Camp RZR events in North America. Marking the fifth year of the event, this year’s Camp RZRs will be bigger and better than ever, and hosted at Jericho Mountain State Park, in Berlin, N.H., and the Glamis Sand Dunes, near Brawley, Calif.

'Camp RZR is our way to thank RZR owners and celebrate the off-road lifestyle,' said Mark Epsky, RZR Marketing Manager. 'The events have become extremely popular and we have some new and incredible things planned to make this year’s events even bigger.'

Known as a celebration of all things off-road, the first Camp RZR was held December 31, 2012 in the Glamis Sand Dunes. The event was such a success it was repeated in 2013, over Halloween weekend, and every year since. In 2014, the first-ever Camp RZR was held in the United Arab Emirates, followed by a third event in Tennessee.

This year, the eastern Camp RZR moves to Jericho Mountain State park. With more than 80 miles of trails within the park and more than 1,000 miles of interconnected trails in New Hampshire, Jericho Mountain State park is a popular off-road destination in New England making it the perfect place to host Camp RZR. The western Camp RZR will continue to be hosted in the Glamis Sand Dunes which is a wildly popular, west coast off-road destination.

'While we enjoyed our time in Tennessee, it was our intent, based on feedback from RZR owners, to move our eastern Camp RZR to a new location in order to allow more riders to experience and be a part of Camp RZR. We are incredibly excited about hosting in New England,' added Epsky.

Both North American Camp RZRs will be bigger and better than ever featuring entertainment, hundreds of thousands of dollars in giveaways, vendors, a kid’s zone and Polaris staff on hand to answer questions, along with new, exciting plans to be announced at a later date. Camp RZR New England will run September 23-24, and Camp RZR Glamis from October 28-29.

More information about the upcoming Camp RZRs can be found at www.camprzr.com, and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PolarisRZR.

About Polaris

Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) is a global powersports leader with annual 2015 sales of $4.7 billion. Polaris fuels the passion of riders, workers and outdoor enthusiasts with our RANGER®, RZR® and POLARIS GENERAL™ side-by-side off-road vehicles; our SPORTSMAN® and POLARIS ACE® all-terrain off-road vehicles; VICTORY® and INDIAN MOTORCYCLE® midsize and heavyweight motorcycles; SLINGSHOT® moto-roadsters; and Polaris RMK®, INDY®, SWITCHBACK® and RUSH® snowmobiles. Polaris enhances the riding experience with parts, garments and accessories sold under multiple recognizable brands, and has a growing presence in adjacent markets globally with products including military and commercial off-road vehicles, quadricycles, and electric vehicles. www.polaris.com"


.......and most of the economic benefits will continue to go outside of Berlin because the political and social awareness remains stuck in the past. "My little town", there's no color in your rainbow.

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